Growers Warned On Cull Piles

Published online: Jun 20, 2001
With an increased number of cull piles found in the state, the University of Idaho warns Idaho growers that regulations require unused potatoes to be disposed of properly.

Diversion programs of both the USDA and Potato Management Company stipulated that unsold waste potatoes be handled properly to prevent disease and insect problems.

The U of I bulletin-"Cull and Waste-Potato Management,"-was recently revised and re-issued to remind growers that all cull piles in eastern Idaho be rendered nonviable after May 15. The regulation continues through Sept. 20. In southern and western Idaho the period runs from April 15

The regulation is in place to eliminate potential problems for the current season crop and aid in maintaining the integrity of Idaho's crop production and quality.

Cull disposal must be done in an environmentally, safe, legal and effective way. They may be fed to cattle, used as compost, buried, spread on fields during the winter to be frozen and used as fertilizer, or used for producing ethanol.