Thiamethoxam Insecticides Registered

Published online: May 18, 2001
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Syngenta announced today that its thiamethoxam, Platinum soil insecticide, and Actara foliar insecticide have received EPA registration.

Both are registered for potatoes.

"One application of Platinum at planting provides long-lasting control of major sucking and chewing insects," Coby Long, insecticide brand manager stated.

The active ingredient thiamethoxam is a second-generation neonicotinoid insecticide. It has unique chemical properties that offer several advantages over other chemistries. It has minimal impact on most beneficial insects making it well suited for integrated pest-management programs.

Syngenta is using a new term, trans-stemic to describe the movement of Actara in a plant. It is both translaminar and locally systemic. It has extended residual control because it penetrates and moves throughout plant leaves.

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