Growers Can Utilize Wind Power

Published online: Apr 25, 2001
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Potato growers who have always known it was windy on their lands can harness and use that wind power under a new plan.

The Idaho Dept. of Water Resources will hold a series of four "wind-energy" workshops during May throughout Idaho to explain the potential for development.

A North Dakota wind-energy expert will be at the meetings to be held May 8th in Boise, May 9th in Twin Falls and Pocatello, and May 10 in Idaho Falls.

North Dakota has less desirable wind resources than Idaho, but economic developers there are planning an 80-megawatt wind farm that could potentially generate more than $200,000 per year income to landowners plus an estimated $450,000 in county tax revenue.

Wind energy is the fastest growing renewable energy technology in the world. Special wind resource maps show that many areas of Idaho have excellent potential for wind-energy generation.

Wind energy systems use turbines to produce electricity. They are particularly well suited to rural landowners such as farmers and ranchers. The farmers can lease land to wind developers, use the wind to generate power for farms, or become wind-power producers themselves.

Interested growers should phone (208) 327-7960.