PNAMA Asks For 10 Percent Cutback

Published online: Mar 14, 2001
Potato Marketing Association of North America called on all growers throughout North America to cut production by 10 percent this year.

Secretary Vern DeLong said this is only part of the comprehensive plan PMANA is developing to overhaul the process industry so growers can receive higher value for their crops.

"Throughout the last 10 years, production in North America has increased by 12 million cwt while prices have either stayed the same or decreased due to over-production. This scenario became all too apparent in 2000 with the advent of abundant acres and a record crop.

"Because of these situations, the PMANA finds it necessary to develop a comprehensive plan, educating growers on negotiation tactics and consistently providing timely, pertinent and effective information to growers, processors, the Quick-Serve Restaurants, and North American media."

Included in this plan is the development of a "Process Potato Facts document outlining trends and issues facing producers. It will be distributed to growers and industry professionals at meetings and seminars. The new approach also includes a PMANA media kit complete with national and international production and processing information, highlighting regional production statistics.

"Our plan targets key players within the processing industry, sustaining a climate of cooperation among growers, processors and QSRs," DeLong stated.

DeLong said, however, that the first step is for growers to cut production 10 percent and to meet contract acreage without over-planting.

A report on the success of this year's effort is expected at the PMANA summer meeting July 8-10 at the Loyalist County Inn, Summerside, PEI, Canada.