New Products Rolled Out

Published online: Mar 19, 2001
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>Several new crop-protection products are being rolled out in time for the 2001-planting season.

From United Agri Products and Entek comes a new broad-spectrum herbicide for broadleaf weeds and grasses. Engame is the name of the herbicide, which will offer unique synergistic technology and increased speed of uptake in hot and cool weather.

From Griffin LLC will come a new formulation of Equus brand chlorothalonil fungicide in a dry-flowable formulation. Equus DF will be superior to other granular formulations in pouring, mixing and handling.

Griffin has long been a leader in spray-dried technology, innovating the production technique for the agriculture market 10 years ago, with the introduction of Kocide DF copper fungicide.

Stoller Enterprises announces that Stimulate, a hormone seed-piece treatment product, performed well in Nebraska experiments. At 20 ounces per ton of seed applied as a fungicide, it increased yield, decreased scab, and influenced internal color.

Also from Stoller will be the release of Calcium 5S to be used as a seed or in-furrow treatment to increase seedling vigor and to resist diseases; Nitro Plus 9, a liquid replacement of phosphate in starter fertilizer to be used only on soils that test high in phosphate; and a new chelating agent for complexing micronutrients. Keylate chemistry can be used as a soil or foliar application.