UK Seed Exporters Merge

Published online: Feb 27, 2001
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The UK's biggest seed exporter Agrolon-part of the Matutano Group-merged its British production base with Agrico, UK's Castleton of Eassie site.

Agrolon managing director Juan Castella said Matutano Group has marketed Agrico's varieties in the Spanish territories for 30 years.

"We recognize we can benefit from the high quality of Agrico's agronomic skills and their seed-production protocols," he said.

"The new partnership will maximize sales, supply the best seed of consistent quality, and ensure optimum returns for seed growers"

Vincent Lumb will continue to manage Agrolon's production interests in Great Britain. Agrico UK's managing director Ron Reiss said the two companies market in excess of 60,000 tons of Great Britain-grown seed annually.

"In a volatile export market, it is reassuring that Agrico and Agrolon have a long-established relationship, and that we each appreciate the complementary skills of the other," he said. "We will both continue to market our own respective varieties."