Perfect Frying Oil For Chips

Published online: Dec 04, 2000
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Food Science Australia has used four years of intensive frying and consumer taste-testing to create what it believes is a new healthier oil that out-performs common vegetable oils in creating a perfect deep-fried potato chip.

The research has led to a new canola variety designed to produce oil containing optimum levels of mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Nutrihealth Pty Ltd. is marketing the new oil as Monola. It contains between 6-7 percent saturated fatty acids, 69 percent mono-unsaturated and 23 percent polyunsaturates. Monola can be used longer than other oils in deep fryers.

The researchers tested Monola against 10 other frying oils-including other canola oils-and it rated higher than all others in every category related to sensory qualities and shelf life.