No Sir, Not From The U.S.

Published online: Oct 10, 2000
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A seed grower in Prince Edward Island, Canada, could face fines up to $400,000 for shipping seed potatoes from Maine.

Leslie MacKay imported the seed, going against an industry ban. The PEI Dept. of Agriculture is charging him with violation of the clean-seed statute.

However, MacKay is not standing still. He says he plans to fight the matter in court, charging the Canadian government with violation of the Free Trade Agreement.

MacKay had received a permit from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency but was denied permits from the Dept. of Agriculture and the PEI Strategy Committee.

MacKay further explained that before trucking the seed to the Island, all seed lots were tested in Fredericton, NB, and came out clean. MacKay said the seed planted resulted in a good, clean crop.