Idaho Seed Growers Discuss Issues

Published online: Oct 26, 2000
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The Idaho Crop Improvement Association held its annual fall area meeting today in Idaho Falls, ID. Seed growers from around the state attended to learn results on seed certification from the past summer and give area representatives on the Seed Potato Advisory Committee direction for the next year.

Dr. Jonathan Whitworth discussed the upcoming NPC Seed Seminar in Las Vegas and gave a summary on results of summer inspections.

Dr. Brad Geary, extension potato and onion specialist at the University of Idaho Research and Extension Center in Parma, ID, presented the preliminary results of the PVA test plot grown in Parma last summer. The research indicated PVA does cause yield loss in both Norkotahs and Russet Burbanks but it doesn't show to what extent.

Geary pointed out statistical anomalies the research group encountered when calculating the data. Geary emphasized that was the first year of the study and at least two more years are needed before any real conclusions can be made.

The group then broke up into individual areas and discussed their concerns. One common point all groups discussed was the lack of enforcement of the state's Certified Seed Law. The groups agreed the Idaho Department of Agriculture should work harder to enforce the law.

Many growers said it was not right they were held to rigorous standards while other states ship seed into Idaho that doesn't meet those standards. Many pointed out Idaho is one of the few states in the U.S. that rejects seed from the certification program based on winter test results which puts Idaho seed growers at a disadvantage when marketing seed.

The groups also discussed possible post-harvest test rule changes for the 2001 crop year.