Biotech `Greens' Beaten In Court

Published online: Oct 04, 2000
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A "green" group was beaten in U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, today when Judge Kollar-Kotelly granted a summary judgement to the Food and Drug Administration and dismissed a lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed by the Alliance for Bio-Integrity, challenged the FDA policy on genetically modified food that the lack of labeling and mandatory safety-testing violated safety laws.

"We applaud the court's finding that genetically modified foods do not need to be singled out for different treatment than other food products," said Jay Vroom, American Crop Protection Association president.

"We will continue to support the efforts of the FDA, EPA and the USDA to maintain and strengthen consumer and farmer confidence in crop biotechnology."

Vroom said the decision reaffirms the FDA's 1992-policy statement that said genetically modified foods were generally recognized as safe and would not be regulated as food additives. This policy also said labeling of such foods was not required because genetic engineering did not change food in any material way."