Bill Introduced To Stop Dumping

Published online: Oct 09, 2000
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Congressional representatives introduce a bill to apply quotas to "stuffed molasses."

A bill sponsored by 20 congressional representatives was introduced to the House to stop sugar dumping in the form of "stuffed molasses." The bill gives U.S. Customs Service authority to stop molasses by giving it a classification code and making it subject to quotas.

Stuffed molasses comes about when companies buy sugar on the world dump market in Canada. It is processed into molasses and transported into the United States where the sugar is removed and sold displacing sugar produced domestically.

The amount of stuffed molasses entering the United States from the north has increased dramatically in the past few years. In 1996, 14,517 metric tons were imported into the U.S. The USDA estimates that over 200,000 metric tons were introduced in 1999.