Seed Acres Up In U.S., Canada

Published online: Sep 26, 2000
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Seed potato acres entered for certification are up in both the United States and Canada; a report compiled by the Nebraska Seed Certification Association shows.

The increase in the United States is 839 acres while the Canadian increase is 4,090 acres.

Once again, Russet Burbank continues to lead variety plantings in both countries, with 48,879 in the United States and 19,645 in Canada. These figures compare 44,336 planted in the United States in 1999 and 13,827 in Canada.

Second most popular variety planted in the United States is Russet Norkotah with 12,245 while Shepody is the second place variety in Canada with 9,951 acres.

The leading seed-producing state is Idaho with 49,506 acres for 2000. Prince Edward Island continues to lead the Canadian provinces in production with 21,517 acres. Idaho's seed acres were 45,136 in '99 while PEI's total was 29,119 in '99.

North Dakota is second in seed production with 20,992 while Colorado jumped from fourth in'99 to third in 2000 with 16,207 acres, surpassing Maine, which had 15,999.

Following PEI in Canada is New Brunswick with 17,159 and Alberta with 12,270 acres.