Pac-NW Produces 59 Percent

Published online: Sep 26, 2000
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Pacific Northwest potato-producing states of Idaho, Oregon and Washington combined for 256.6 million cwt of potatoes in 1999, or 59.7 percent of United States fall potato production.

The '99 crop year report released Sept. 25 by the National Agricultural Statistics Service, showed the remainder of the U.S. fall-producing states of California, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin produced the remaining 40 percent of the 430 million cwt total.

Idaho was the production leader with 133.3 million cwt, total value of production leader with $660 million, and in sales with $608 million.

The state of Washington was second in production with 95 million cwt, second in value of production at $476 million, and second in total sales at $442 million.

Wisconsin was third in production with 34 million cwt, third in total value of production at $180 million, and third in sales at $171 million.