New Sugarbeets Halt Worm Assaults

Published online: Sep 01, 2000
A new breeding line of sugarbeets shows resistance to nematodes.

According to an ARS news release, root-knot nematodes did little or no damage to a new breeding line of nematode-resistance sugarbeets.

ARS geneticist Ming H. Yu in Salinas, CA, has developed a new line of sugarbeets known as M6-1. These sugarbeets showed little or no damage when exposed to six different species of Meloidogyne nematodes. These species make up 98 percent of the root-knot nematodes in agricultural soils.

Root-knot nematodes reduce sugarbeet quality and quantity. They also create an entryway for root rots.

These resistance genes may also be incorporated into other plants, including those that produce peaches, nectarines, potatoes and tomatoes.