Purogene Given Section 18 Exemption

Published online: Aug 15, 2000
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The EPA announced Aug. 14 that Purogene 2 percent has been granted a specific exemption under the provisions of FIFRA to treat stored potatoes to control late blight in Idaho. Approval for use in other states is expected to follow.

Purogene, distributed exclusively through UAP, is a premium-blend chlorine dioxide product to eliminate gram-positive and negative bacteria, yeast, mold and fungi. It is scientifically proven to be a powerful broad-spectrum antimicrobial.

Purogene also eliminates odors, is environmentally friendly and because of its stability it can be stored and transported with no special consideration.

Bio-Cide International announced that Purogene has been classified as a non-hazardous compound and does not require any special USDOT permits.

Potato growers have used Purogene as a pathogen control under a Section 18 EPA permit. University tests have shown positive results against bacteria and fungal pathogens in storages.

Recent studies at the USDA, Michigan State, North Dakota State and the University of Manitoba substantiated earlier studies regarding Purogene's effectiveness.

Not only does Purogene control late blight but also other soft and black rot organisms.

Bio-Cide has committed itself to accumulating a massive amount of technical data required to gain full Section Three approvals as dictated by new directives under the Food Quality Protection Act.