Pest Alert System Developed

Published online: Jul 13, 2000
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University of Idaho and Oregon State University have introduced a novel way for growers to keep track of pests through a web site alert format.

To be developed for the Treasure Valley of eastern Oregon and western Idaho, the address will allow growers to check daily for any outbreaks.

The site will be interactive and provide current bulletins on significant insect, disease, and noxious weed outbreaks and infestations for all major crops in the Treasure Valley.

It will also map links to help growers and fieldmen to locate emerging problems near their farms or service areas. It will also include links to crop-protection products, Pest ID and management sites, have proactive data on disease and insect forecasts, and offer timely pest outbreak e-mail messages, alerting subscribers to the most recent outbreaks.

Developed by Idaho and Oregon extension educators, the objective is to increase communication and improve decision-making.