Griffin Introduces Fungicide Equus

Published online: Jul 05, 2000
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Griffin LLC will market its own brand of chlorothalonil fungicide to be sold under the brand name Equus. It is registered for crop- and non-crop uses within the United States and is immediately available for sale.

A liquid flowable, Equus 720 is formulated with six pounds of active chlorothalonil per gallon. A complete line of Equus brands and formulations will be introduced with a dry-flowable formulation scheduled for Fall 2000, and a dry-flowable zinc formulation following later this year.

The registration granted by the EPA is broad-based with 38 row crops (including potatoes, peanuts and vegetables), plus eight tree and orchard crops. This allows Griffin to capitalize on its already strong presence within the specialty row crop and tree and orchard markets. Equus is a chlorothalonil formulation with 40 percent less viscosity than other brands of chlorothalonil making it easier to handle, pump and meter. It has dispersion and suspension characteristics that are equal to or better than existing brands.

Equus features Griffin Rainfast Technology adhesion characteristics. After drying, Equus adheres to plant leaves without washing off, even in the wettest and under the widest range of climatic conditions. In potato field trials, it has demonstrated outstanding disease-control characteristics that are equal to, and in many cases better than existing brands of chlorothalonil, under a variety of growing conditions.