Scientists Endorse Biotechnology

Published online: Jun 27, 2000
The Society for In Vitro Biology, an organization of about 1,200 scientists, has endorsed agricultural biotechnology at its annual meeting in San Diego and called for more public awareness of its advantages. The society also pledged to provide legislators, regulators and consumers with factual information on the environmental and health benefits of biotechnology.

The group released six facts it wants people to know about biotechnology in agriculture:

  1. The vast majority of crops used worldwide are the product of genetic modifications and selection.
  2. Due to extensive research, more targeted efficient and desirable genetic modifications are now possible.
  3. Genetically modified crops provide opportunities to better safeguard the environment and ensure the safety of our food supply.
  4. Genetically engineered crops have the potential to result in products that are more nutritious, better tasting, able to produce more pharmaceutical therapies for disease, biofuels and biodegradable plastics.
  5. The evaluation and regulation of genetically engineered crops must be science-based.
  6. Due to the stringent regulatory process, all crop and animal products that result from biotechnology are demonstrated to be as safe as non-engineered versions of that plant or animal product, prior to their use by the public.