Fat-free Fries Being Introduced

Published online: Jun 30, 2000
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A young entrepreneur who developed the product in her college apartment kitchen will introduce a special fat-free french fry throughout the United States this year.

Called 8th Wonder Fat-Free Fries, they were patented and first marketed in 1997 in Kansas City. They are now available in the frozen produce sections of most grocery stores in the Midwestern states.

Candace Vanice, the University of Kansas student who loved fries but wanted to take the fat component out of them, worked for more than two years to develop just the right taste.

She chose the Yukon Gold yellow-fleshed variety provided by growers in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. She believes the golden color coupled with a sweet buttery flavor makes the potato the perfect choice.

In addition, the big secret to her fries is the coating, which contains no pre-treatment and very low salt and sugar levels. The fries are cholesterol-free and have just 70 calories per serving. They take just one-half hour to bake.

The coating actually consists of a lightly seasoned, patented coating made from all-natural ingredients without added preservatives. Each fry has the flavor and crispy appeal of regular fries-without additives. They do not contain the fat substitute Olestra.

The 8th Wonder brand was created in partnership with Marvel LLC which produces and markets the product.