Retailers Like Biotech Report

Published online: Apr 13, 2000
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The Agricultural Retailers Association has commended the National Academy of Sciences for its recent report on biotech crops.

The report, issued April 11, said the NAS does not back mandatory labeling of genetically enhanced products, and feels there is no evidence that any biotech foods on the market are unsafe.

NAS also concluded that the regulatory system is working well, but that it could be further improved.

ARA has advocated that as genetically enhanced products are developed they go through rigorous testing by the developing company, and then further testing and review by the appropriate governmental entities. The series of tests are needed to verify the product poses no danger to human health or the environment.

"After a company devotes years to development and testing, and then the product goes through further stringent review by the EPA, USDA, and the FDA, if it passes it should be deemed safe," Paul Kindinger, ARA president and CEO, said.