PEI Will Speed Seed Production

Published online: Apr 25, 2000
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Prince Edward Island, Canada, seed potato growers will try to speed up the multiplication of nuclear and pre-elite seed at the PEI Elite Seed Farm, commercial and private-tissue growers' production and import seed to keep up with the Island's needs.

Viruses showed up in this year's seed-particularly the Russet Burbank-and left growers short.

Growers will fight aphid populations known for vectoring the potato leaf roll virus which causes net necrosis in the potato making it less desirable for processing.

Ivan Noonan of the PEI Potato Board said, "It's one thing to plant clean high-end seed and another to keep it free from ring rot and viruses. Viruses travel. Growers must practice improved potato production procedures."

Scott Howatt of The PEI Potato Producers Association assured that, "PEI has the expertise and networking to battle its way through this crisis."