PEI To Get $3 Million For Seed

Published online: Apr 24, 2000
In an effort to increase the quality of Prince Edward Island, Canada's 2001 seed stocks, the PEI provincial government has set aside $3 million for incentives to growers to plant only seed with 2 or 5 percent or less virus levels.

An incentive of $750 an acre will be paid growers who plant seed with 2 percent or less virus level, and $550 an acre for those with 5 percent or less virus levels.

These incentive payments will only be paid growers of Russet Burbank and Shepody seed as they are the varieties needed for good quality material for seed standards, Eric Hammill, ag minister, stated.

All crops planted under the plan must be covered by the Seed Potato Crop Insurance program, retain seed status, and be killed by Aug. 10.

Seed with acceptable disease levels, growth under the incentive, must only be sold for replanting on PEI next year.