PGI's Duff Calls It Quits

Published online: Mar 28, 2000
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Michael Duff, executive director of the Potato Growers of Idaho for 14 months, handed in his resignation to President Keith Esplin March 27. He will leave the position April 1.

Duff, a former undersecretary to the Secretary of Agriculture, said currents and forces were making it very difficult for the grower organization to move forward on plans to form a grower-owned cooperative. He said it was very difficult to lead the organization forward because "no matter where you go somebody gets upset and you're stepping on toes."

"Some growers didn't want the co-op," he said simply. "There are growers who only want what's good for them," he added.

Duff explained that one of the problems was others are also forming marketing organizations to handle potatoes on their own. "There were two groups besides PGI," he said.

"We had a lot of excitement and some good positive changes for PGI. Some didn't want them to happen. I told the Board Monday.

Duff says he has no plans for now but will be open to continued work in agriculture "and something hopefully positive and good."