Washington Top Fry Producer

Published online: Feb 29, 2000
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According to the Washington State Potato Commission, Washington produces 39 percent of North America's french fries making the state the top fry producing area in North America.

"Washington growers consistently grow the highest quality potatoes that are in demand by fry processors," said Cindy Plummer, assistant executive director of marketing/public relations.

"Our higher production yields, consistent quality, longer growing season, and close proximity to deep-water ports attract potato processors to do business in Washington state."

The news release figures were taken from a recent issue of the North American Potato Market Newsletter. Idaho is the second leading french fry processor with 28 percent of the North American capacity. The Midwest produces 14 percent, Atlantic Seaboard 10 percent, and the Canadian Prairies 9 percent.

Washington produces 170,000 acres of potatoes, making it the second largest producing state. Idaho is first with just over 400,000 acres. About 60 percent of the Idaho crop goes for table stock while about 15-20 percent goes to fresh marketing from Washington.