Potato Board Corrects Misconceptions

Published online: Feb 14, 2000
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To combat the high-protein, low-carbohydrate fad diets that are being espoused in the United States, the National Potato Promotion Board has developed a "Diet Madness" answer.

The Board points out that when people go to the low-carbo, high-protein diets they are reducing calories. However, when reducing or eliminating carbos, the body loses water weight along with fat.

Also, when dieters reduce calories, their metabolism drops and they aren't able to burn as many calories. Once they stop the high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, they will gain the weight back and maybe some extra pounds, too.

Diet Madness was developed as a satellite-media tour and a radio-media tour to educate consumers about the positive health benefits of potatoes.

TV and radio stations can pick up the information from satellite and air or record the interview. The messages are reaching millions of consumers.

Even though research shows the low-carbo, high-diet message is reaching consumers, Board research so far shows it hasn't affected potato consumption. The Board says convenience and lifestyle changes are hurting potato consumption more than the high-protein, low-carbo diet fads.