Maine, NC Release Amey Variety

Published online: Dec 23, 1999
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A new russet-skinned potato variety suitable for the fresh, fry, or chip markets has been released cooperatively by the states of Maine and North Carolina and the USDA-ARS.

Named, Amey, the variety was selected from a cross of B6987-14 and B7805-1. Breeding and seeding tuber production were at the Beltsville Agriculture Research Center in Beltsville, MD, by R.E. Webb.

Clonal selection and field performance evaluations were on farms in Presque Isle, ME, by Webb and K.G. Haynes. Foliar- and soil-borne disease evaluations were by R.W. Goth (USDA) and B.J. Christ (Penn State).

Amey is later maturing but earlier than Russet Burbank. Tubers are oblong, with an evenly russetted skin. Tubers of Amey are more attractive, smoother, and have a much lower incidence of external defects than tubers of Russet Burbank, a report stated.

One downside is that Amey tubers are not long enough to satisfy the french fry industry. There is interest from chip companies, however. Baking and taste quality are excellent, much better than Russet Norkotah.

Amey is resistant to the race A of the golden nematode, Verticillium wilt, powdery scab and common scab. It is susceptible to leafroll virus, late and early blight, hollow heart and internal heat necrosis.