Aventis CropScience Formed

Published online: Dec 29, 1999
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Following the global announcement in mid-December, Aventis S.A. life sciences company, Aventis CropScience of North America, was launched.

Potato growers will soon become very familiar with the name as it combines Rhone-Poulenc Ag Company and AgrEvo.

Aventis CropScience will offer well-established product names as well as a newer range of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators/defoliants in important crop markets that include the major and horticultural crops.

Some of the products now under the Aventis name will include Temik, Buctril, Betamix, Rovral, Mocap and Nortron.

New products will include LibertyLink and three other biotechnology products that offer growers more choices on herbicides.

Aventis (AVE) began trading on the New York Stock Exchange Dec. 20. Aventis was created through an exchange offer by Rhone-Poulenc for all of the shares of Hoeshst AG, AgrEvo's parent company, in which more than 96 percent of Hoechst's shares were tendered for shares in Aventis. Hoechst shareholders will receive one Aventis share for every 1,333 Hoechst shares. Rhone-Poulenc shares become shares in Aventis.