Sen. Craig Leads Trade Mission

Published online: Nov 23, 1999
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Idaho Sen. Larry Craig said this week he will lead a 10-day trade mission to China, accompanied by representatives of 12 Idaho companies.

"We'll be the first trade delegation to China following last week's historic agreement on China's accession to the World Trade Organization," he stated.

He pointed out, however, that before accession becomes official, the Senate will have to vote on the matter.

Craig is frustrated by obstacles facing businesses trying to gain access to the Chinese trade market. A clear example of these obstructions is the large and widening U.S. trade deficit with China. In just 10 years, the trade advantage for China has jumped over 900 percent, producing a particularly damaging effect on the state's agricultural community.

In China, Craig said, the business and political relationship is extremely important. The businesses that do well are the ones that have established connections with key political and business leaders. The purpose of the trade mission is to make and strengthen those connections.