Novartis Breaks Industry Record

Published online: Nov 16, 1999
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Novartis Crop Protection Inc, Greensboro, NC, announced Nov. 11 it registered four new active ingredients with the EPA in the Agency's '99 fiscal year.

Not only is that a record for Novartis, but it's an industry record as well. Only once before-in 1995-did Ciba-Geigy (a predecessor company to Novartis) register as many as three active ingredients in one year.

The four include Trifloxystrobin for Flint, Stratego and Compass fungicides; Pymetrozine for Fulfill and Endeavor insecticides; Emamectin benzoate for Proclaim and Denim insecticides, and Fluthiacet-methyl for Action herbicide.

Trifloxystrobin offers broad-spectrum control of many fungal pathogens with some post-infection activity in potatoes. Fulfill offers aphid control in potatoes