New Tank-mix Targets Nematodes

Published online: Nov 01, 1999
Rhone-Poulenc Sedagri announced in late October that potato growers in the Pacific Northwest will be offered a new way to "super charge" their Metam Sodium applications for control of nematodes and secondary soil pests.

Mocap EC brand insecticide can now be tank-mixed with all major brands of Metam Sodium through ground-application equipment.

This will allow growers a single fumigation method with the most consistent residual nematode control available.

The tank-mix offers Metam Sodium users added control of Columbia root-knot nematode and other insects like wireworm.

Research data over the past five years shows that Mocap/Metam pairing significantly improves consistency for control of nematodes. "It doesn't have to be a brand new chemistry to be a better product," Chuck Cary, western region technical sales representative for Sedagri, stated.

Cary also said this will save growers dollars not to mention reduced soil compaction. Growers in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Utah will be able to utilize the combo.