Idaho, Montana Directories Out

Published online: Nov 08, 1999
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Idaho and Montana seed potato directories are off the presses and now available for commercial growers.

Produced in record fashion, the Idaho directory was in the hands of the potato industry media the week of Nov. 1. Montana's followed the next week.

Each clearly outlines the summer certification results for each grower who has grown certified seed in his state.

Idaho's seed acreage totals 43,397 and Montana's 10,042. Of the totals, Idaho has 27,165 acres of Russet Burbank and Montana 4,957. Second most popular variety is Russet Norkotah with 3,746 acres in Idaho and 2,037 acres in Montana.

To obtain the directories contact the Idaho Crop Improvement Association in Idaho Falls, ID, at (208) 522-9198 (see web site at and the Montana Seed Potato Certification office in Bozeman, MT, at (406) 994-3150 or e-mail: