Growers Credited For `Save'

Published online: Nov 11, 1999
Bond McInnes of Griffin LLC said the National Potato Council and American Sugarbeet Growers Association should be given credit for saving the fungal-control product SuperTin from going on the trash heap.

Although the EPA hasn't put its signature on the re-registration document, McInnes said it was expected at any time. SuperTin or TTPH (triphenyltin-OH) has a long history of successful use.

He says while there will be some label changes, mostly requiring using lesser amounts of active ingredient, it will remain available. Growers have successfully used the product for control of early and late blight among other fungal pathogens.

The label for SuperTin was nearly cancelled last fall. McInnes said potato and sugarbeet growers, using heavy amounts of electronic mail, got enough input into the EPA in time to save the product for both potatoes and sugarbeets.

There will be some setback application requirements and a maximum application of nine ounces of active ingredient a season.

"The National Potato Council went into overdrive on this one," McInnes said. "It was the work of the grower groups fighting to keep the products that got the EPA's attention."