Fulfill Now Fully Registered

Published online: Nov 24, 1999
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It is now official. Novartis Crop Protection has received full registration for its new aphicide Fulfill.

Growers have been anxiously awaiting the registration which will help them control aphids which transmit leaf roll virus in potatoes. The virus leads to net necrosis in the tubers, making them of less value for sale as either fresh or process grade potatoes.

In the past growers have had to rely on broad-spectrum insecticides to stop aphid infestations. Sometimes an at-planting soil insecticide treatment has been made.

The active ingredient in Fulfill, pymetrozine, provides an important alternative with a different mode of action than for any other registered insecticide.

Fulfill is also an effective rotational partner and will fit well in Integrated Pest Management programs. Research trials indicate a minimal effect on non-target insects, including beneficial predators.

"Fulfill should be an important new tool," says Gary Reed, entomologist at the Hermiston, OR, Agriculture R and E Center. "It is a case of conventional chemistry providing an ecologically sound pest-control mechanism. The big benefit is that the product is not a conventional toxin, which means it does not affect non-target insect species."